Find Bloated Families living in your Projects

If you want to find out the actual file size of families that are living in your project, follow these steps:

  1. In Revit 2012, export all families to RFA files (File – Save As – Library – Family – ). 
    In 2011, you might be interested in this method.
  2. View the exported folder in Windows Explorer.
  3. Sort By – Size
  4. You will see the most bloated families at the top.

Here is an example:

To reduce the size of the largest families, I can now:

  1. Open them from the project
  2. Delete any unnecessary data (such as imported DWGs)
  3. Purge and then 
  4. Reload them into the project.

I anticipate significant size decreases for my (currently) 547 mb project!

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8 years ago

great! always with good tools that i didnt know, keep the good work!

8 years ago

Great tip. However, one of the BEST ways to remove family bloat is to open the family, perform a Save As > Family, and hit the Options button. Check the "Compact File" box. This will remove any unnecessary bloat and can easily shave off 100KB from even the smallest family file.

Luke Johnson
8 years ago

Thanks Matthew. That step could be inserted between 3 and 4 above.

I'm not sure whether the family file size is directly (byte for byte) related to the size of the family when loaded into the project.
7 years ago

Word of warning – Don't forget to select a folder when saving a family of libraries! Just ended up with about 1000 families on my desktop #fail! Great tip though, cheers Luke