Permanently Remove Areas and Remove Empty Tags addins

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Here are the most recent two addins:

PermRemovAreasRooms Revit Addin

PermRemoveAreasViews Revit Addin API from dp Stuff

PermRemoveAreasRooms Revit API addin allows you to delete rooms or areas permanently on the fly directly from any of your Revit views without having to do it from the Revit schedule. You have two options: either pre-select the elements and run the tool to delete just the rooms/areas in your selection, or you can collect ids of rooms/areas that you want to get rid of and copy/paste them via “Type In Element Ids” method.
04-02-2013 PermRemoveAreasRooms2013 (DOWNLOAD for Revit 2013)

RemoveEmptyTags Revit Addin

RemoveEmptyTags Revit Addin API from dp StuffJust as the name suggests this Revit addin allows you to find and remove empty tags from your Revit 2013 document. You will have two options whether you want to remove empty tags in the active view or in the whole document. You can use it in conjunction with out-of-the-box Revit Tag All tool.

via LinkedIn:
Hi Luke,
Just posted a PermRemoveAreasRooms tool on my blog as a part of my revit Utils. Little tool that I use a lot when having to delete Rooms / Areas permanently from my revit doc.
Also here’s another one(RemoveEmptyTags) that I posted last week:
Incase you find it useful please don’t hesitate to share the link with your readers.

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