Copy between Project and Family

Sometimes you really want to copy some model lines from a project RVT to a family RFA, but Revit says NO!

This is the workaround:

  1. In the Project, create detail lines that describe the elements you want to copy
  2. Make New Family – Generic Profile
  3. Copy the detail lines in the Project (Ctrl + C)
  4. Paste them into the Profile family (Ctrl + V)
  5. Open / create the other family you want to put those lines into
  6. Copy them from the Profile family into the other family (lets say it is a Planting family). They will appear as model lines in the Planting family. Yay!

Sure, this method has some limitations, but it is a valid workaround in a lot of situations.

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12 years ago

Make sure you save before trying this… I did it in a fit of "ah-ha! Got you now Revit!!" glee… and the whole program shut down =(

11 years ago

if you convert your lines to model lines in the project environment you can then cut/paste straight into your generic family

11 years ago

If you convert your detail lines into model lines within the project you can cut/paste them straight into your generic family