Converting a raster image to a DWG file

I wanted to convert a PDF file into content I could use in a Planting family in Revit.  Part of that process involved converting the image into DWG hatches that Revit could understand, either as an import or as a Filled Region.

Here is the process (scroll down for video):

  1. Download Adobe Illustrator
  2. Open the image in Illustrator.
  3. Select the image
  4. Click the ‘Live Trace’ button in the bar at the top.  There are a number of different methods to choose from.  The most accurate seems to be ‘Photo High Fidelity’, but this will likely result in the largest DWG.
  5. Save the file in Illustrator.
  6. Click File – Export and save as a DWG!

 Here is the video:

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