Built-in Energy calculations in Revit Architecture

Depending on where you live in the world, you likely have to satisfy certain regulatory authorities as to the environmental performance of you building.  Various external tools may be used for this.

However, what if you could configure your Schedules in Revit to do these calculations for you?  Youtube user FreshgroundEarth has uploaded a video describing how to do this to satisfy SANS (South Africa National Standards) requirements:

At about 7 mins, he demonstrates the use of a ‘gizmo’ placed on elevation, enabling the calculation of facade area, which in turn relates to mechanical heating / cooling calculations.  He also calculates glazing areas using a parameter filtering method.

This is a good demonstration of leveraging the Revit model for a specific regulatory condition.

It would be nice if  *one day*  the various regulatory authorities actually provide Revit templates that are already set up for these calculations, to save each company in each part of the world from reinventing the wheel to suit the regulatory constraints of each particular project.

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