1.    This hotfix addresses Heartbleed vulnerability – a security bug in the open-source OpenSSL cryptography library. Heartbleed is registered in the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures system as CVE-2014-0160. For more information, please visit the CVE dictionary at
2.    This hotfix fixes the bug in ReCap that project file might be corrupted or deleted when computer went to sleep or shut down during scan importing.
3.    This hotfix fixes the bug in ReCap that PTG with only intensity are imported as all-black.
4.    This hotfix adds the support for US Survey unit in ReCap.
5.    This hotfix fixes the bug in ReCap that project cannot load on A360 if map images do not exist in Temporary Cache when publishing.
6.    This hotfix fixes the memory allocation error in ReCap during registration.
7.    This hotfix fixes the bug in ReCap that export might fail under certain conditions.
8.    This hotfix fixes the bug in ReCap that region is not displayed properly when reopened after deletion of points.
9.    This hotfix fixes the bug in ReCap that project save as function is not copying all support files to destination folder when merging several projects.

I recommend trying the Explode button:

Press the structure button Structure button to browse down through the model’s assembly structure or component hierarchy. You can use this to isolate specific components in your model, hiding everything else.
After hitting reset Reset button, now try the explode button Explode button and then manipulate the slider that appears at the top of the window to move the various model components outwards from the centre to form an exploded view.
Aside from the need to support a huge array of formats, the viewer is really good at streaming large models – displaying them at appropriate levels of detail – and allowing you to get in and work with the structure of these models.

via full post:
A sneak peek at the new Autodesk 360 viewer – Through the Interface

As one of the reviews states, this is a “very fast” way to open and view FBX files.

New in FBX Review v1.2

  • Added support for geometry and textures contained in a zip file.
  • Added support for geometry caching: Maya cache, 3ds Max cache, and alembic format.
  • Added Camera refocusing based on user-targeted area.
  • Added support for iOS and Mac OS X operating systems. 

Download at:
Autodesk FBX Review – Windows 64 Bit – Autodesk Exchange Apps

Or for iOS, Mac OS, Win 8 see below:

iOS 7.0

Visit iTunes online or browse in the App Store directly to download for iPhone or iPad.

Mac OS X

Visit the Mac App Store to download for OS X.

Windows 8

Visit the Microsoft Windows Store directly from your Windows 8 device.

Windows 7

Visit the Autodesk Exchange Store to download for Windows 7.