As one of the reviews states, this is a “very fast” way to open and view FBX files.

New in FBX Review v1.2

  • Added support for geometry and textures contained in a zip file.
  • Added support for geometry caching: Maya cache, 3ds Max cache, and alembic format.
  • Added Camera refocusing based on user-targeted area.
  • Added support for iOS and Mac OS X operating systems. 

Download at:
Autodesk FBX Review – Windows 64 Bit – Autodesk Exchange Apps

Or for iOS, Mac OS, Win 8 see below:

iOS 7.0

Visit iTunes online or browse in the App Store directly to download for iPhone or iPad.

Mac OS X

Visit the Mac App Store to download for OS X.

Windows 8

Visit the Microsoft Windows Store directly from your Windows 8 device.

Windows 7

Visit the Autodesk Exchange Store to download for Windows 7.