2009 UI Still Lives!!!

I personally am quite happy with the Ribbon, particularly with the new enhancements.

But out of curiousity, I just thought I would see if the Classic UI is still alive in 2011 – and it is!

So if you want to continue to rebel against the previously named DLM (Drunken Leprechaun Mode), that option is still open to you.

However, I sense that the aforementioned Leprechaun is starting to sober up…

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14 years ago

Hi Luke,

I don't understand why people are afraid to move onto Revit 2011. I know that 2010 was an issue with the UI but the new look and feel from 2011 is far better than 2010 and 2009 ever was. I find that I can find my tools far quicker with this new UI than I did with any of the older programs.

13 years ago

It is amazing how the vast majorityof revit users don't get it. They believe the ribbon is new andmodern and that the other UI is oldand "classic". After all- the ribbon does have new eye-candy and artful icons. But revit itself is not old enough to be a classic anything. Photoshop is similar to revit in the sense that you have large numbersof commands to be changing while you are working on something. With photoshop you click a tab and the menu drops down vertically- that is the fastest way. No matter how artful it all looks-there is only two… Read more »

13 years ago

Sorry about posting twice-but I believe this follow-upis worthwhile. I do think it would have beena better choice to modernizethe drop-down menu approach forRevit like Photoshop did. BUT we are well into the horizontalmenu (ribbon) for Revit and way too many Revit users now like it- slower or not. The ribbon really is modern and it'severywhere in computer programs. It'sjust debatable whether it's suitablefor complex programs like Revit- butAutodesk has done a good job with itfor 2011. Has anyone noticed that the Revit native UI has just been sitting there in the background doing nothing for two years? If it… Read more »