Revit 2003 was still pretty great

Just viewed a great class by Steve Shell:
Tips and Tricks for Autodesk® Revit® Graphic and Visualization Techniques to Make Your Drawings Look Great!

EDIT Updated link

I thought this sample of project he did in Revit in 2003 was very cool:

All credit goes to Steven Shell for this image
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11 years ago

Thanks for posting that! Steven

Steven Shell
9 years ago

Thanks for sharing that! Revit 4.1 and 5 rocked! It was a real game changer for me.
Thanks for the nice words!

Luke Johnson
9 years ago
Reply to  Steven Shell

No worries man. I love to hear about Revit history, and particularly how you guys really pushed the capability to produce great work. Similar principles still apply – there are always limits to the technology that we need to deal with.