Guess what? is different to is self hosted and you can do things like install plugins. is hosted by, uh, WordPress and you can’t install plugins. But the com version is very easy to set up and use and everything kinda just works.

But have you ever tried to get a Lightbox style ‘click to zoom‘ effect in Its not immediately obvious, so after figuring it out I wanted to share it.

Firstly, go to your admin dashboard and tick the “Display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic” option.


Then, go to a post that has a plain image and start Editing it:


Position your cursor above the old image, then click Add Media.
Important: select Multiple Images here and you will get a Continue button:


In the next screen, click Edit and then use the X to remove any superfluous images, so you can just have one image in the ‘gallery’ if you like:


Set your Layout to Tiled Mosaic and Link to Attachment Page:


After inserting this gallery, you will see that there is a new Gallery object above the old image:


Now, you can delete the old image:


And Update the post:


Now, when you go to the post and click on the image, it will ‘zoomto the image like this:


Here is a live page with the Carousel ‘lightbox‘ enabled:
Rooms to Polycurves – dynamoworks

And here is a link to some documentation:
Galleries and Slideshows — Support —

For example, I wanted a feed for AIA East Bay that only included posts with the label ‘Revit’.  Here is what the split feed looks like:

Easy way to do it:
To convert that search label into a Blogger RSS feed, replace the string /search/label/ with /feeds/posts/default/-/ so the new feed URL for that search label has the following syntax:
Offer RSS Feeds for Blogger Search Labels Similar to WordPress Category Feeds

Another example – all of the What Revit Wants posts that include the label ‘pdf’ can be found as a feed at:

Also see:

Create a WordPress feed for a particular label:
It is even easier.  To subscribe to a particular category feed of a WordPress blog, all you have to do is add /feed after the category url (link).