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TSI User Group 2014 Making the Switch CADmep to Revit with SysQue – YouTube

Video description

Customer Presentation: Making the Switch: Jumping from Fabrication CADmep to Revit with SysQue

Tom’s presentation will cover PCI Skanska’s implementation of SysQue, the transition from CADmep, the challenges and benefits of this progression, and its potential benefit to a large-scale and diversely located company such as Skanska USA.
After attending this session, attendees will be able to:
• Recognize the benefits of working in Revit
•See the big picture Revit setup: 

-Workshared project template
-Overview of shared parameters for a company 

 -Library creation of details and schedules
• Understand pipe systems setup for a company
• See what a contractor could expect from a Revit model
• Leverage the data in a Revit Model

Speaker: Tom Fuller

Sometimes Google Drive isn’t happy when you have it syncing large folders of often-changing files (sounds like a BIM environment, yeah?) But usually, all it needs is to restart the googledrivesync process to get things back in order. Here is one way you can do that:

1) Copy the following to a text document and save as BAT or CMD:
TASKKILL /F /IM googledrivesync.exe
START “” “C:Program Files (x86)GoogleDrivegoogledrivesync.exe” –noshow_confirmation_dialog_on_delete

2) Once you have the batch file ready, you can create a basic Windows task that runs daily (before you come into work) to restart Google Drive and ensure it is in sync.