Workaround to fix "Explorer.EXE cannot run because there is no registered version of Autodesk Inventor…" caused by Navisworks 2015 installation

I experienced this error after installing Navisworks Manage 2015:

Basically, a right-click shell extension for ZIP files was looking for Inventor and not finding it. I logged it with Autodesk and was notified that it was a genuine, repeatable issue.

To fix it on my system, I did this:

  1. Download and install ShellExView
  2. Run it
  3. Click Options, Filter by Extension Type
  4. Only select Context Menu and click OK
  5. Look for the 5 results with Description “DtBridge”, all starting with Autodesk Inventor…
  6. Select them and right-click, Disable Selected Items
  7. Click Options, Restart Explorer

The right-click menu for ZIP files no longer shows the error.

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9 years ago

Alternatively, you can do what the message box suggests and start Inventor to fix it.

9 years ago

was well resolved, thank's to you.
it was application software problem like that (7zip / edit plus / autodesk)…