Using the vanilla toolset for multidisciplinary Revit coordination

A recent article on describes the basic tools used for coordination between disciplines in Revit.  Its worth a read for “Revit coordination beginners.” 

It covers the three primary coordination tools in vanilla Revit:

  • Copy / Monitor
  • Coordination Review
  • Interference Check

Here are a few little gems from the article:
The elements that can be included in the copy/monitor process include: Levels, Grids, Columns, Walls, Floors, and Openings

Coordination Review actions:

  • Postpone: take no action on the element
  • Reject: makes no change to the element in the host file
  • Accept Difference: Accepts that a change has been made between the monitored elements but no change is needed between the elements
  • Modify/Rename/Move: If the element is renamed/moved, this option will rename/move the element to match the monitored element
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    Heads-up: Daniel Hughes on LinkedIn

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