Using a Solid Form as a Void to cut Curtain Panels and Mullions

From Philip Chan’s blog:
The concept is simple, I make a Generic family (it can be any category actually) as a solid (in this case, just a simple extrusion), let the family intercept the curtain wall, then use “Cut Geometry” to cut out the curtain panel.

Once I made all the cut in the curtain wall, I have a yes/no parameter to control the visibility of the solid so that I can “turn off” the solid. As a result, it would appear that the curtain wall is cut out by a void. The good news is you can use the same family to make multiple cuts and it will work on the mullions as well.

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Sandip More
Sandip More
9 years ago

the only issue i found here is we can not get the actual area of curtain panel which is cut by the generic solid

6 years ago

Please help,if I make the solid mass invincible than the curtain panel would revert back to it’s original form.

Galang Parendra
Galang Parendra
3 years ago
Reply to  Luke Johnson

what is edge line? Where can we find it?