Using a Solid Form as a Void to cut Curtain Panels and Mullions

From Philip Chan’s blog:
The concept is simple, I make a Generic family (it can be any category actually) as a solid (in this case, just a simple extrusion), let the family intercept the curtain wall, then use “Cut Geometry” to cut out the curtain panel.

Once I made all the cut in the curtain wall, I have a yes/no parameter to control the visibility of the solid so that I can “turn off” the solid. As a result, it would appear that the curtain wall is cut out by a void. The good news is you can use the same family to make multiple cuts and it will work on the mullions as well.

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Sandip More
Sandip More
6 years ago

the only issue i found here is we can not get the actual area of curtain panel which is cut by the generic solid

3 years ago

Please help,if I make the solid mass invincible than the curtain panel would revert back to it’s original form.

Galang Parendra
Galang Parendra
10 months ago
Reply to  Luke Johnson

what is edge line? Where can we find it?