Using Keyboard Shortcuts in a Schedule View

Revit Keyboard Shortcuts don’t work too well in Schedules, because Revit thinks you are trying to input data.

However, you can use the alternative key entry method – basically, it starts by pressing Alt, then following the onscreen text options that show up.

In some cases, this will be all you need.  But I wanted to make a quick way to Insert Data Row in a Room Schedule, and unfortunately it is buried under a drop down list on the contextual ribbon.

Here is part of the solution – add the Insert dropdown to the Quick Access Toolbar.  Now, when you press Alt, Revit will assign a shortcut to that position.  In my case, to trigger the insert data row command, I had to press this key sequence:

So, still a pain.  But what if we could assign this as a macro to some smart shortcut system.  That’s where the new Radial Menus on the SpacePilot Pro come in.  I created the above key sequence and added it to a Radial Menu.  Now I just press a button on my 3D mouse, select the Data Row shortcut that I created, and there it is…

See the top right banner on this page for an affordable way to enter the 3D mouse world…

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