Three things I've learned from 6 years of blogging

Back in 2008, I thought it might be cool to start a Revit and BIM blog – but I had no idea how long my interest in the subject would endure, or how many readers would actually be interested in what I had to say. I have certainly learnt a lot over that time, and I hope I’ve been able to help a few of you as well.  Here are 3 things that blogging has taught me:

  1. Writing forces you to distill and crystallize your thoughts, and often prompts you to challenge the very things you are suggesting your readers accept
  2. Its more important to be consistent rather than prolific (people get bombarded with way too much information as it is!)
  3. Attribution is key – if you always share your source, others will reciprocate

And one final thought: Share your unique knowledge and workflows. Once people know the basics of a thing, they are often only interested in the un-ordinary (like formatting their Autodesk USB drives).

Over 80,000 views to this page (and counting)

But I’m not giving up yet! Thanks for your continued interest and engagement.

Some recent milestones for What Revit Wants:

And one final, sobering static:

  • over 550 draft posts waiting to be finished (!)
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