Thoughts on Models vs Drawings


“Models are different from drawings in an essential way. A model represents an environmental totality. No locations are discarded and none can be discarded. Therefore authorship can no longer be confined to a finite number of directive visual statements representing a finite number of selected locations that are representative of a totality. In a model, totality is explicit instead of implicit. Explicit totality has profound effect on both authors and viewers, and we need to explore it. “

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A frontier in visual communication – Rob Snyder’s Blog – Bentley Colleague Blogs – Be Communities by Bentley

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Robert Snyder
11 years ago

I thank you very much for posting the link to my blog post

I think the industry needs to begin to consider the general condition of the relationship of drawings to models. The general condition is:

·        A “drawing” draws one’s attention toward a location of accountable reliability, within an environment
·        A model is an environment