The new, free Rondo App for iPhone & iPad

Rondo is a company involved in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of lighter gauge roll formed steel products and systems, primarily for the construction industry in Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

They have released an iPhone / iPad app:

Free to download from the Apple Store to your iPhone and/or iPad, the Rondo App is a practical tool that allows you to;
  • Work out what Rondo products are needed for a project
  • Calculate maximum loads and spans for a wall or ceiling design
  • Determine the most economical Rondo Steel Stud Wall Framing System design possible for a particular layout and the next best solution
  • Estimate what quantity of Rondo products are needed and the pack size they come in
  • Find out the radius required, sweep angle and length of arc for curved designs
  • Email yourself or colleagues a copy of the wall or ceiling design
  • Locate the nearest place to source Rondo products, either by current location using GPS technology or by running a search
  • Simply email your calculated results directly to a Rondo stockist to receive a quote, click to call or get directions using Google maps

The Rondo App is available to download now from the Apple Store on your iPhone/iPad by simply running a search for “Rondo” or by clicking here.


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