The Mac perspective on Autodesk's computational design offerings … "Revit Online" anyone?

Its an interesting read, as it provides a basic overview of Autodesk’s Vasari / Dynamo + DesignScript combo (including some of the history of its development), as well as considering the offerings of competitors (Bentley / Generative Components and Rhino / Grasshopper, and even formZ).  It closes with a decidedly Mac-centric prediction of where Revit may be headed in the future (you can be the judge of how realistic this prediction may be).

Here’s a juicy quote:
We think Autodesk is working on Revit for the Cloud. Indeed, we think it will run entirely through a Web browser. You may be thinking “no way, can’t be done.” Well, we think that is not far off. Today we have WebGL (Web Graphics Library) which derives from OpenGL ES 2.0.

At AIA Denver we saw a new “labs oriented” beta application by Gehry Technology that was doing modeling through a browser using WebGL. And while the shapes were basic it was fast. It ran on Chrome on a MacBook Pro. WebGL and what is possible today and in the future is a topic we need to conquerer here at Architosh because we believe it is going to change the landscape of CAD and 3D in the next few years.
Read the whole article:
AIA: Autodesk introduces computational modeling tool Dynamo for its BIM workflow | Architosh

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