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Autodesk® Remote | AutoCAD | Autodesk Exchange Apps

Requirements / limitations:

  • free tool enabling users to drive any Autodesk product* from a remote computer 
  • if you use Inventor – from an iPad (companion application)
  • only available to users on subscription contracts
  • need to be running Windows 7 or 8 – no Mac version yet 
  • a 4G/LTE wireless connection or a wired connection with an upload speed of 2Mbps or better
  • English-language edition.

More info at:
Autodesk releases Autodesk Remote | CG Channel


What is it?  Let’s call it in VNC for Autodesk software…
 It lets you drive Autodesk software installed on your primary computer from a remote computer or iPad for fast access to native design data over standard networks. To use it, simply install Autodesk Remote on the PC you want to share. Install it again on the machine you want to connect from and start your connection. Autodesk Remote currently works in North-America only. Click here for a FAQ.

If you happen to be in North America, check out the app at:
Autodesk� Remote | Autodesk Revit | Autodesk Exchange Apps


Its an interesting read, as it provides a basic overview of Autodesk’s Vasari / Dynamo + DesignScript combo (including some of the history of its development), as well as considering the offerings of competitors (Bentley / Generative Components and Rhino / Grasshopper, and even formZ).  It closes with a decidedly Mac-centric prediction of where Revit may be headed in the future (you can be the judge of how realistic this prediction may be).

Here’s a juicy quote:
We think Autodesk is working on Revit for the Cloud. Indeed, we think it will run entirely through a Web browser. You may be thinking “no way, can’t be done.” Well, we think that is not far off. Today we have WebGL (Web Graphics Library) which derives from OpenGL ES 2.0.

At AIA Denver we saw a new “labs oriented” beta application by Gehry Technology that was doing modeling through a browser using WebGL. And while the shapes were basic it was fast. It ran on Chrome on a MacBook Pro. WebGL and what is possible today and in the future is a topic we need to conquerer here at Architosh because we believe it is going to change the landscape of CAD and 3D in the next few years.
Read the whole article:
AIA: Autodesk introduces computational modeling tool Dynamo for its BIM workflow | Architosh

Basically this enables rich client access to Windows Server 2012 … you can install it via Windows Update or:
Download Update for Windows 7 (KB2592687) from Official Microsoft Download Center

To install this update, you must be running Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.

How to enable RDP 8.0 on a remote computer that is running Windows 7 SP1

To enable RDP 8.0 on a remote computer that is running Windows 7 SP1, follow these steps:

Note The following instructions are applicable only for remote computers that are running Windows 7 SP1.

  1. Install the appropriate version of the update package by running the Windows6.1-KB2592687 update file.
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. Open the Local Group Policy Editor.
  4. Enable the Remote Desktop Protocol policy. The setting for this policy is under the following node:
    Computer ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesWindows ComponentsRemote Desktop ServicesRemote Desktop Session HostRemote Session Environment
  5. If the UDP functionality is necessary, enable the RDP Transport policy, and then set the value to Use both TCP and UDP. The setting for
    the RDP Transport policy is under the following node:
    Computer ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesWindows ComponentsRemote Desktop ServicesRemote Desktop Session HostConnections

    Note Configuring the RDP Transport policy also enables firewall rules to allow the 3389 UDP port.

  6. Restart the computer.

Description of the Remote Desktop Protocol 8.0 update for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

Imagine a world where your firm doesn’t need to buy new computers, let alone BIM software. They would just rent the ability to stream top of the line computers into their office monitors. These computers will always have the latest version of Revit on them. It wouldn’t matter if your computer was a Mac or PC, new or old.

Onlive just launched Onlive Desktop. This service streams Windows to your iPad and gives you a few gigs of free cloud storage. It is like having the latest Windows computer, complete with Microsoft Office, on your iPad.

Read more at:
How Autodesk and Onlive Will Game The Future Of BIM | A/E/C Marketing Advice, Training, and Support Group | Help Everybody Everyday

“This tool allows multiple users to control the remote computer using Remote Desktop.
Windows 7 Concurrent RDP Patcher
…This tool also enables the Remote Desktop Connection for Windows 7 Home Premium.”

Concurrent RDP Patcher Enables Remote Desktop in Windows 7 Home Premium | Raymond.CC Blog

EDIT:  Link (working 2012):
or magnet
 MD4: 97e4cd72bb1304fad7333f5495838f69
 MD5: aebb9a23bd6f5e1715991ab6b126cd1f
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