The Best Revit vs ArchiCAD post yet?

Its hard to find an unbiased comparison of Revit and ArchiCAD.  Ranting flame wars rage continually on LinkedIn…

That’s why it is refreshing to see a logical, itemised comparison of the two softwares.  Check it out at:
Scott H MacKenzie: ArchiCAD vs. Revit (part 1)
Life in a Virtual Building: ArchiCAD vs. Revit – 2D & 3D Modification Tools (part 2)

Heads-up via Shoegnome (find him on Twitter here)

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11 years ago

Archicad has option to show or not layers of the walls, slabs, roofs.

ArchiCAD Tutorial
10 years ago

Great comparison between Revit and ArchiCAD. I love these two softwares but we need to be clear as to what our specific purposes are.
Choosing the best software for you matters a lot especially if you're working on big time projects. You need to be careful.

James Kopec
10 years ago

I know that ArchiCAD 16 is the latest version in the most European architecture firms, but unfortunately, I have not had any chance to try the latest version. I really like to talk about ArchiCAD and Revit, their parallels and their variations. If ArchiCAD or Revit has the nose in the front, we will find out.

archicad tutorials for beginners