Andy’s very comprehensive version (from Grevity):
Download the family from hereTREE FAMILY (many types)

Or a project file with a fuller explanation from hereTREES COLLECTION

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It would be interesting to combine this family with Randomizer and see what kind of forests you could create…

Along similar lines:

If you didn’t like my Random Trees in Revit post (which actually exposes the opportunity for randomizing and scaling any form or import in Revit), then maybe you will enjoy some of these other random landscape generation methods.  Read on below:

Landscaping from Dynamo (Julien Benoit):
Revit landscape: My first function in Dynamo 0.5 – Autodesk Vasari
Twitter / Jbenoit44: @BenPMalone @GeorgeMokhtar …

Paid plugin for 3dsMax:
TREE STORM – plugin for 3ds Max – animates tree on the wind
Twitter / GeorgeMokhtar: @BenPMalone @Jbenoit44 …

After reviewing Andy’s and Tim’s recent posts surrounding trees and reaction, I would like to contribute this little idea.

Its a very simple setup – just a 2pt Adaptive with an “extension” (created by controlling the host reference planes of a couple of points), that has been loaded in and repeated across a treetop form.  As you move the centre adaptive point up and down, the surrounding spines react to maintain a perpendicular relationship to the main form.

I have added parameters for the extension length, and top and base radius of the spines.  You can adjust these in the Project Browser by modifying the Type Properties of the 2pt family.

Here’s the family for download.

One of the main gauges of architectural space is a man. The proportions of his body serve specific module, significantly affecting the size of a work of architecture, its elements and in general on all subjects.

Robert Shamilevich, author of the blog Art Architecture, provides the following free Detail Component packages for download.  Each link is a RAR file with multiple Detail Component families inside.  These Detail Components may assist you in presenting your drawings, and in giving them some sort of understandable scale:

People (скачать образец семейства*)

Trees (скачать образец семейства*)

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Art Architecture: Архитектурный рисунок в Autodesk Revit