Sometimes the differences between using various Autodesk softwares can be very subtle.  For instance, selection in Navisworks – I have already posted about the unfortunate lack of a “Revit Tab selection / AutoCAD Ctrl+Space” substitute in Navisworks.

Happily, Daniel Gijsbers describes some handy crossing window selection tips for Navisworks:

  • Hold down Spacebar and click-drag to activate the normal inclusive Selection Box tool (the same as the split button on the ribbon).  This only selects objects inside the box.
  • Hold down Shift and Spacebar and click-drag to activate the “crossing” window, selecting objects that are within and those that touch the window boundary!


So you are using the ‘grips’ to try and stretch instance parameters on a family, but it is a pain – sometimes they snap, sometimes they don’t, you can’t dial in a certain value to ‘move’ the instance parameter…and when you try and ‘align’ that instance to something, the whole family moves!!! What to do?!?

Revit wants you to ‘Tab’ select the Ref Plane inside the family. Now you can use the ‘move’ command to move that instance element accurately. The process again – you have a family with an instance parameter. Use Tab to select the Ref Plane associated with the instance parameter. Now hit ‘Move’ (or your Keyboard Shortcut :-), and you can put that ref plane exactly where you want it.


Got this great tip from Aaron Rumple: