How to do it:

  1. Open a view in which the sun could ‘possibly be seen (ie. 3D View, Elevation view)
  2. Graphic Display Options – Lighting – Single Day
  3. Graphic Display Options – Background – Sky
  4. Your view needs to actually be able to see the sun (see steps below) … and it should be there.

You can even do this in a Hidden Line or Wireframe view.

Shadows do not need to be turned on.

If you want to quickly move the sun around WITHOUT having to use the graphic sun path:

  1. Follow steps 1 to 3 above
  2. Graphic Display Options – Lighting,  Tick the ‘sunrise to sunset’ button
  3. Turn Shadows On
  4. Click the Sun icon, then Preview Solar Study should be available
  5. This will reveal a little ‘player’ in the Options bar
  6. Click the Next Frame, Previous Frame buttons until you see the sun

How do you keep the sun in the correct, real-universe location when dealing with shadows in Revit 3D views?

Here is how:

On the Status Bar (that’s the one on the bottom) click on the Sun Path icon and then select Sun Settings.
Uncheck the tick box for Relative to View.

Thanks to:
BIMbyScottC: Using the Sun to your Advantage

Image from BIMbyScottC