There have been a few posts recently about how to fix Type Catalog errors.  If you use Russian Revit (particularly Web Update 2), the following fix will be useful (the key part is changing the file encoding to Unicode):

We find the folder for Russia, such as doors, inside we see two types of files *. RFA and *. TXT First, the actual file of the family, the second directory sizes. Here is a directory and have a problem! Open the text file the appropriate “problem” families, withNotepad:
Without changing anything, just save the file as … and change only the encoding to Unicode.
Resave the file over an existing one.
Before opening the file, do not forget to remove the check mark in the properties file read-only

via Translated version of

Borissofff: Cервис-пак для Revit 2012 (WU 2) и ошибка кодировки

In most cases the language barrier does not matter too much – you should be able to follow most of his workflow.  Here is a video of that Dubai building:

Here is a link to a cool playlist related to the building above:
Borissofff’s Channel – YouTube

And here is a link to a grid view of all Borissofff’s uploads:

Image from his Google Site: