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Borissofff strikes again – many of you may already be aware of this, but you can get an interesting exterior rendering effect in Revit if you set the time to somewhere near or during the night, and then adjust the Exposure to a suitably pleasing level.

But what if you set in the Preferences of the sun, while at the hour of the night (or so), we obtain precisely the situation where there is no source of direct light, the sky!

If you turn Reneder, we completely black picture!

But! Adjusting the exposure, especially of its magnitude, reducing it to about 3-4 units (you can see the other values), you can get the desired renderer without harsh shadows!
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In most cases the language barrier does not matter too much – you should be able to follow most of his workflow.  Here is a video of that Dubai building:

Here is a link to a cool playlist related to the building above:
Borissofff’s Channel – YouTube

And here is a link to a grid view of all Borissofff’s uploads:

Image from his Google Site: