A new whitepaper by Graphisoft can be downloaded from here.

Here are some quotes:
“It’s a pretty mature technology and it’s resolved a lot of things and
solved a lot of things along the way,” Gonzales continues. “There’s
less risk because it is a mature product. It does everything that any
other product does and has really good solutions to lots of building

Security of your data and project files is paramount, and ArchiCAD
provides a superior solution: a true relational database.

Moving to BIM is easier, less risky, and ultimately more profitable,
with ArchiCAD
– the proven BIM software that provides an elegant,
highly efficient, and fast 3D workflow environment.

What do you think?  Revit, or ArchiCAD, and why?

Lachmi Khemlani, when reviewing the whitepaper, says in her article:
Ultimately, I think that it’s going to be hard for ArchiCAD to compete with Revit’s leading position in the AEC industry and Autodesk’s might and muscle by simply being just another BIM solution like Revit.

Graphisoft’s New White Paper on BIM

Just as being overly positive about Revit leads to inflated expectations, if you are overly negative about it eventually people will realize you were wrong – and then your credibility will be in question.  Here are a few tweets from @RevitFacts – can you tell me if this is a good tweeter to follow, or perhaps someone with a particular bias?

FACT: #Revit has no Drag & Drop capability for external content like #ArchiCAD

Did you know RAM requirements are still 20 times model file size!

Did you know there is A LOT of customizing required (e.g Tags for Walls, Doors, Windows) compare to other #CAD softwares.

Revit is not compatable with #MAC :(.

Revit Facts (revitfacts) on Twitter

I guess these statements are true, in some ways – but I think RevitFacts may perhaps be trying to make us switch to ArchiCAD 🙂