Just as being overly positive about Revit leads to inflated expectations, if you are overly negative about it eventually people will realize you were wrong – and then your credibility will be in question.  Here are a few tweets from @RevitFacts – can you tell me if this is a good tweeter to follow, or perhaps someone with a particular bias?

FACT: #Revit has no Drag & Drop capability for external content like #ArchiCAD

Did you know RAM requirements are still 20 times model file size!

Did you know there is A LOT of customizing required (e.g Tags for Walls, Doors, Windows) compare to other #CAD softwares.

Revit is not compatable with #MAC :(.

Revit Facts (revitfacts) on Twitter

I guess these statements are true, in some ways – but I think RevitFacts may perhaps be trying to make us switch to ArchiCAD 🙂

Actually, there is only one main reason.  Biased and overly optimistic blog posts and marketing dogma do not really benefit long-term Revit adoption.  They often lead to inflated expectations.  These balloons of hope will eventually burst, resulting in tears and angst and general dissatisfaction. 

Revit is a powerful and useful software tool.  But it isn’t the answer to all of life’s problems.

Here is an example of what looks to be a ‘biased’ or super-positive post (with some affiliation to BluEnt).  I found a few of the comments quite funny (in bold below):

Autodesk’s Revit suite has the highest market share in the pie of BIM software industry, indicating its acceptance and popularity among the global fraternity of architects.

With Revit software, architectural designers can quickly sketch a rough layout of the floor plan, or make changes to the standard set of building designs and instantly let their customers preview their future homes.

 BIM authoring tool Revit software comes with a full set of parametric building design components.

3D modeling capacity of Revit architecture enables designers and drafters to easily identify the clashes and areas of congestion, and resolve them early in the process. It results in error-free and high quality construction documentations.

A total understanding by everyone on the project of what’s happening removes the design conflict and risks. 

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.

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