Pedagogy “is the science and art of education, specifically instructional theory.

Playlist including lectures by Dr Andy Hudson-Smith and Phil Bernstein:

Downloads — Speakers’ Presentations
Phil Bernstein, BIM: New Directions for Pedagogy (Prezi webpage)
Rob Garvey, BIM Academic Forum, BIM and the Curriculum (PDF 1.3MB)
John Enyon, Open Water Consulting Ltd, BIM as a focus and catalyst for industrial and societal evolution (PDF 1.7MB)
Prof. Anthony Smith, UCL Vice-Provost for Education, The Future of Higher Education (PDF 132KB)
Jorge Gil, PhD Candidate at TU Delft Faculty of Architecture, The Backbone of City Information Modelling (CIM): Spatial Data Models and Tools for Urban Design (PDF 4.3MB)
George Roussos, Professor of Pervasive Computing, Birkbeck College, University of London, Mobile Sensing, BYOD and Big Data Analytics for Museum Visitor Studies (PDF 1.6MB)
Phil Langley, PhD Candidate at the University of Sheffield, Branch, Merge, Commit – New forms of Open Source for designing with BIM (PDF 1.6MB)
Dr Stefan Boeykens and PhD Candidate Niels Wouters, Department of Architecture, KU Leuven, BIM, Big Data and Mashup in Architectural Computing – Experimenting with Digital Technoogies (PDF 1.8MB)
Aled Williams, Discipline Lead for the Built Environment, Higher Education Authority, Embedding BIM (Building Inforation Modelling) with the taught curriculum (External link)
Dr Hannah Fry, The Bartlett CASA, UCL, Conference summary highlights and actions (PDF 318KB)



… the future of BIM in the globalized world of broad adoption, emerging cloud and reality capture technologies, innovative delivery approaches and opportunities for industry professionals to deliver more value to clients and collaborators.

•Understand the current state of BIM technologies for representation and analysis.
•Understand how emerging technologies like cloud computing, social networking, mobile platforms and reality capture will affect BIM process and outcomes.
•Learn about how project delivery models and the roles and responsibilities of architects, engineers and builders will change as new technologies change the face of BIM.
•Explore new business opportunities offered by BIM-based processes.


Phillip G. Bernstein is a Vice President at Autodesk