From joan.allen on the Ideastation:
I’m happy to announce that you can view gridlines on the iPad app – and control the visibility settings of grids in both 2D and 3D view – with the BIM 360 Glue iPad app V3.0 that was released today.  Learn more here about the new 2D to 3D “Map” navigation feature and gridline controls: 

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Hey Revit, look what I can do!

if you bring a #Revit model into #Vasari the grid lines show up in 3D like reference planes-that can be really useful for coordination

via @pete1352 Matt Petermann on
Twitter / @pete1352: if you bring a #Revit mode …

This is actually pretty cool.

The same goes for Levels – in Vasari they show up in the 3D View.  Obviously, normal Reference Planes also show up in 3D: