A recent post from Eat Your CAD that has been getting some interest on Twitter … I think more than a bit of it is tongue-in-cheek:
EYC – Addressing the 5 most important BIM questions

Here are a few quotes that tickled me:

  1. Adopting BIM is a difficult and often unrewarding task.
  2. “Open BIM” is what people on the leading edge are aspiring to and solves all your problems.
  3. You’ll be expected to do extra work at a much earlier stage than you would have traditionally at a much lower fee.
  4. BIM is based on a 3D model and therefore requires everything to be modelled as an exact copy of the final manufactured building component.
  5. the quicker your architects can become qualified in structural engineering, the more benefit you’ll gain from BIM.
  6. Mention that your closest competitors have all migrated to Revit and within a short space of time you’ll be promoted and your bosses will be able to smile smugly over their 5-iron and confidently state “We do BIM. What do you think about them apples?”
  7. You cannot do BIM if you are a civil engineer, as civil engineers don’t build buildings.
  8. To be safe, always leave an empty space at least 300mm clear of another discipline’s object.
  9. Model as much detail as you can
  10. Add every property that you can to every object

Funny stuff 🙂