To use, basically:

  1. Download from link below
  2. Install
  3. Pick the retention time
  4. Click Clean all file types (you will be shown how much space was saved)
  5. or/ click Toggle Calc mode to clean individual file types
  6.  You can also click Open Journal Folders to see all versions of Journal folders on your PC

(As you can see there is  also an unrelated angle calc tool. I usually use this family.)

From Dante van Wettum, via email:
Also this year again i have updated the Revit journal cleaner again to support 2015. Also i added a few new features to the tool that might help others. Though i wrote the tool in first instance for personal use, i will share it again as the passed few years 🙂

EDIT fixed download link here:

Download via:

Here the changelog:
Revit Journal Cleaner
Copyright (C) 2014 D. van Wettum.
– Added support for revit 2015
– Added commandline parameter “/CleanAll:<number_Of_Days>” Example:”C:…RevitJournalCleaner.exe /CleanAll:1″
– Added a small angle calculation tool that has completely nothing to do with cleaning journal files, though i found it to be a nice add-on for my own use 🙂
Kind Regards
Dante van Wettum
(The Netherlands)

via Email:
It seems that the Revit Journal Cleaner 2013 stopped working as soon as Revit 2014 was installed a the computer.
I update the Revit Journal Cleaner to now support 2014 (and lower).
Download link:
It does not remove/update the 2013 version, so the user will need to remove this one manually.

Kind regards,
Dante van Wettum

I previously posted about this tool back in January 2013:
Free Revit Journal file Cleaner tool from Dante van Wettum

Hey Luke.
Here a small tool i made to clean op the journal files that revit leaves behind on the computer.
It seems it doesn not clean these files out of itselve, and can take up a lot of space on the computer pretty fast.
If anyone sees room for improvements they can use the contact button to mail them top me, so i can put it in a next version.
As gmail/hotmail wont let me sent a zip with an exe in it (install file) i uploaded it to my site, and can be downloaded here:

Attached in this mail is a screenshot

Kind regards
Dante van Wettum
The Nederlands