Swapping Family Parameters for Shared Parameters

Did you know you could swap a previously added Family Parameter for a Shared Parameter?

Just select it in the Family Types dialog and click Modify…

Next question – should you swap, or just add the SP and equal it by formula?  What’s your opinion?

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Allen Angle
10 years ago

Not sure, but if I have SP in the project already how do I equal it via formula to the Family Parameter?

Luke Johnson
10 years ago
Reply to  Allen Angle

You do it in the Family… Open the particular Family, go to Family Types, Formula column for the SP and type in the name of the Family parameter you want to match. They will have be the same parameter type (length / area etc).

Allen Angle
10 years ago

That is great because at the moment ARCHIBUS only works with Shared Instance Parameters for bi-directional data sync. By just setting it up this way I don't have to cut and paste the data from the Family to a Shared Instance Parameter. Thanks this works great for items like manufacturer, model number and the like.