Sloping Slab Edges

Revit does not want you to place a slab edge on part of a slab that is sloping (because it has been shape-edited).

However, you can ‘trick’ Revit into letting this happen by:

  1. Setting the edge you want the Slab Edge to go on to be ‘flat’ by temporarily point editing the slab.
  2. Then place the Slab Edge (Revit will allow you to, now that the edge is flat).
  3. Adjust the points back to how you want them.

The Slab Edge should happily follow the sloping edge now.

A bit of a workaround, but it does work…

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13 years ago

No it doesn't because you can't then join the slab edge to the slab. Cmon Autodesk…get with the program…

12 years ago

Very frustrating!

After making my slab a slab with points (all 0 offset), adding the slab edge and then adjusting the slabs points I was able to get the slab edge to follow the slab profile. Unfortunately in some cases (the simpler case, in fact) the slab edge did some very strange overlapping/extending things beyond the extent of the slab.

I've tried a workaround with modelling a sweep with a profile of a slab edge, but that doesn't act properly either…

Come on Autodesk!