Revit Shortcuts and the Revit Warnings Project

A couple of interesting new endeavors have appeared online recently that I wanted to share. The first is from Autodesk, and they are encouraging you to learn and use keyboard shortcuts. I have posted about keyboard shortcuts plenty of times in the past. I’m not sure this particular site will help me much, because over the years I have customized my Revit shortcuts and they don’t match up with the default anymore 🙂

Check it out at:
Revit Shortcuts | Keyboard Shortcuts and Commands | Autodesk

I have also posted previously about warnings and error reports (including how to solve them). The Revit Warnings Project  wants to take your Revit error reports and turn them into some useful, browse-able statistics data and graphs. It is an interesting read, if only to see how your errors compare to some others. I would like to see the Revit Warnings Project expanded to included recommended solutions to the warnings too.

My less-serious take on Revit Warnings and Errors can be viewed here:
What Revit Wants: Funny Revit Error Messages

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8 years ago

Interesting project, but who is compiling the data – it is not clear? and what are they going to do with it?
It would also be really useful to have some documentation on the actual warning messages that pop up, and how they should typically be dealt with by users so that they do not accumulate.

Troy Gates
8 years ago
Reply to  RevitCat

I'd love to see a compiled list of every warning there is along with a rating system of the severity of each. This would be a great community project to get in place.

Luke Johnson
8 years ago
Reply to  RevitCat

I'm not sure on their overall intentions but the home page tells you where some of the data is coming from:
"project has been made possible by the contribution of time and talent from Ankrom Moisan Architects Inc."

I think the focus should shift from stats to something useful too, like a weighting system along with solutions.

8 years ago