New crowdsourced and open source project – a complete Revit Category Guide

Having repeatedly asked and searched for a detailed, up-to-date and accurate Category Guide for Revit to no avail, I have decided to start one as a simple shared Google spreadsheet.

The purpose of this is to capture all of the unique properties of each Category, so they can be quickly viewed and understood by Revit users at all levels.

The document can be viewed at:

I have selectively invited a few top Revit users to contribute.  Please let me know if you want to help out with editing the document.

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jo de leeuw
10 years ago

I would like to help update this category guide

Luke Johnson
10 years ago

Jo – please reply with your email address or connect with me on Linkedin so I can invite you.

Mark Cronin
10 years ago

Great idea Luke. I just spent a few hours on Thursday creating a cut down version to try and standardise our sub-categories!

Duncan Lithgow
10 years ago

Columns AD and AQ are the same.

Luke Johnson
10 years ago
Reply to  Duncan Lithgow

Thanks Duncan, fixed.