Navisworks and PCG Point Clouds

Navisworks may have issues importing PCG point cloud files.  For example, if you try to append a PCG directly to Navisworks Manage 2013, it will say “No plugin exists that will open pointfile.pcg”.

If you try to export a view from Revit 2013 to Navisworks and it contains a linked point cloud file, the point file will not be converted even if the “Convert linked files” option is ticked in Navisworks settings.

Here are some workarounds:

Some have recommended importing the PCG into AutoCAD, and export an NWC from there:
Revit OpEd: Point Cloud Data into Navisworks
Point cloud import – Autodesk Discussion Groups

You can also:

  • Import PCG to AutoCAD, then append the DWG to Navisworks
  • get PTS from Cyclone, or even TXT, and then append it directly to Navisworks
As per:

Point Cloud files imported into Navisworks & Revit from Cyclone, .pts vs .ptx. | LinkedIn

Depending on the size of the original point cloud file, it will take some time for Navis to make the necessary indexed NWC file (like half a day maybe).

Obviously, if you are living in 2014-Suite-Land, you can also just use Recap to import the PCG and export as a supported file format for Navisworks.

A 2008 PDF that describes the point cloud types Navis supported:

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