Multi User, Cloud Based Schedule Editing and Linking with Revit just Got Real

We use Google Drive a lot now, particularly Google Sheets.  The power of a shared spreadsheet cannot be underestimated in the AEC world.

Now, imagine if you could directly export data from Revit to a Google Sheet, edit it, and then import the changes directly back to Revit.  Imagine if you could share that spreadsheet to other team members who may not know anything about Revit, but who can modify and update schedules with ease?  Yep, this just happened with Bimframe Connect… screenshots below.

Export from Revit to Google Drive



View and Edit on Google Sheets

Click import to bring the changes back

Changes are highlighted to show you what will be updated

Viewing the updated model in a Revit schedule

Download v1.0.0 at:

Other links:

BIMFRAME community is here:

shop is here:

Youtube channel

Google Plus site:

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