Coordination Technique with Graphic Display and Schedulability

Sometimes a post comes along that I can’t help but re-post. The BIM Troublemaker has gone to the trouble of making a handy little Generic Annotation family for Coordination, with some great formulaic graphic feedback. Because its a Generic Annotation, it can be scheduled in a Note Block.  Nice work BIM Troublemaker!

Download a sample of the block here:
Trackable Comment Annotation.RFA

Read more at:
BIM Troublemaker: Comment Tracking Using Noteblock Scheduling

Image from

If you want to find out about Note Blocks, check out my previous post:
Note Blocks – What are they??

On a slightly unrelated note, if you want to automatically tag Component families, check out this post:
How to add a label to a Component Family (automatic tag)

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Ben Malone
9 years ago

Hi Luke, just noticed the link is no longer valid. Do you know where I can get a copy of this .rfa from? Thanks!

Luke Johnson
9 years ago

The Trackable Comment Annotation?? The link still worked for me. Here is another way to get at it (you may need to be logged into a Google account):
Trackable Comment Annotation.rfa – Google Docs
this one