Back in 2016 I put this simple, messy sketch together to describe some basic terminology around Revit models and how they are structured:



Revit Model:

  • Category
  • Family
  • Type
  • Instance (also known as “Element”)


May be hosted by:

  • Levels
  • Grids
  • Reference Planes
  • Faces
  • Special Categories (Floor, Ceiling etc)
  • Nothing


May belong to:

  • Phases
  • Worksets
  • Design Options
  • Groups
  • Other Families (nested)

This site usually focuses on intermediate to advanced workflows and topics, but here I just wanted to mention a couple of getting started resources that you may find useful. There is a new and comprehensive video playlist on the BIMscape channel, and I have embedded it here:

And don’t forget about the Autodesk Design Academy. For example, the link below will take you to a Revit and Architecture Fundamentals online training course. All for free, of course.