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As BIM adoption accelerates throughout the building industry, so does the need for BIM integration into the education curricula of AEC disciplines. This change in the academic environment is quickly becoming a reality. In April of 2010, at Yale University, Phil Bernstein, vice president of industry strategy and relations at Autodesk and lecturer at Yale School of Architecture, along with Yale Professor Peggy Deamer developed and moderated the Yale BIM Symposium: Implications for Architectural Pedagogy. The following videos and proceedings represent some of the several presenters from this informative event.
Phil Bernstein—Welcome and Introduction to BIM DiscussionPhil Bernstein—Implications of BIMPeggy Deamer—BIM’s Pedagogical Placement in AcademiaJohn Messner—Leveraging BIM to Enable the Development of Collaborative KnowledgeJosh Emig—BIM in Integrated Design and Construction EducationDavid Fano—Engaging the Tools: Digital Fabrication

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US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon
Autodesk Builds LEED CI Platinum Certified Headquarters Video
Phil Bernstein at AIAS Grassroots Leadership Conference 2009
Change Your World: BIM
Change Your World: Generation Next
Change Your World: Education Community

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