Another insightful post from Arch | Tech!

Does this sound a bit like Revit’s history?

“A team of scrappy entrepreneurs, eking a living out of a bit of venture capital, working 80 hours a week will introduce something that is incredibly and overwhelmingly elegant in concept and use (even if a bit rough around the edges).”

position yourself to acquire this new technology. Pull out the checkbook. Done. This solves the hiring process and getting new teams to gel together issue (they’ve likely been together for years)…an acquisition is fast and quick; what’s done is done.”

Arch | Tech: Please Give Me Another Chance! I Can Change!:

And to me, this is why Autodesk will succeed where Graphisoft and Bentley and those other BIM companies will fail. They just aren’t big enough to acquire all the nice new technology. Any thoughts?

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