A new level of weirdness

I copied some Planting / RPC from one project (in a Design Option) to another project (in the Main Model).  This is what I got:

Somehow the Planting instances appeared as a Type of an existing Profile family???

I closed the project and re-opened with Audit.  This did not fix the issue.  Create Similar is greyed out when selecting the RPC, and Create Instance is greyed out for that Type in the Project Browser (not surprising, given that it is on a subnode of Profiles).

This is one of the weirdest things I have ever seen in Revit, and I have seen quite a few…

I can copy and paste the elements with no issue.

And guess what, it even shows up as an option in the Sweep / Select profile list:

Not surprisingly, when I try to use this as the Sweep Profile, Revit ‘Can’t Create Sweep’.

I deleted the Type and the copy / pasted again but using Edit Design Option rather than unticking Exclude Options – I had the same result.

Apparently, Revit can put your Entourage families into one of the Types of Profile family!

Next try, copied the Type from Project Browser of source RVT:

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Aaron Maller
11 years ago

Ive seen this happen with some Generic Annotations getting their Families and Types confused as well. Had an SPR on it back 2 years ago, they tracked it to a very very rare element ID issue where there are duplicate EID's or something, and the types get confused…

Luke Johnson
11 years ago
Reply to  Aaron Maller

When writing this, I actually wondered "Has Aaron seen this before?" … of course he has!

Danny Jones
Danny Jones
11 years ago
Reply to  Aaron Maller

Same here Aaron. Opened up one of my project and all of the sinks had turned to slope arrows!! oh no!

Fortunately he moved on to bigger and better things and now works at…..BECK.