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Model Checker for Revit
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Autodesk Model Checker for Revit 2018 shell install

Quick Start Guide pdf

Sample Files and other links

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Model Checker Configurator
Autodesk Model Checker Configurator V3.0 for Revit 2018 install

All 30 Sample Files (Element & General Checks) to help you build your own configuration files

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Autodesk CoBIE Extension for Revit 2018
Autodesk CoBIE Extension for Revit 2018 install

Sample Files to test the features of the COBie Extension

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Autodesk Classification Manager for Revit 2018

Main page

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Autodesk Insight 360 Plug-in for Revit 2018 (energy analysis)
Insight plugin installer

Insight 360 Getting Started

Insight FAQs

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“EcoDomus is offering a free version of its EcoDomus PM online software application called EcoDomus COBie Basic, which will help qualified design and construction teams simplify the COBie deliverable process. To qualify for using COBie Basic please submit the form on the right.
The EcoDomus COBie Basic software functionality enables:
• Data export from Autodesk Revit to a secure online database (more BIM authoring apps support is on the way)
• Online data entry and editing for all COBie entities (“worksheets”)
• Uploading and attaching documents to BIM objects
• Import and export of COBie Excel files”

Check it out at:


Revit-exportlayers-ifc2x3-forCOBie.txt: This is an updated export layers
table file. It is intended primarily for COBie, but can be used for any
export. It would replace your existing export layers table file.


IFC for Revit / Wiki / Notes on support for Extended FMHandOverView