Introduction to COBie

If you are just starting out with COBie and want a really detailed overview of what it is and how it works, check out this article:
practical BIM: to COBie or not to COBie


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Laszlo Nagy
10 years ago

Hello, You mentioned ArchiCAD in your image above.I wish to add that much was changed since last year. In this year's COBie Challenge ArchiCAD performed 100% with zero errors (you can see the result in the table towards the end of the following web page): the way, Revit also performed 100% with zero errors. I wish to also note that at the moment ArchiCAD is certified for both IFC Import and Export, while Revit is certified for IFC Export, but not for IFC Import: For anyone who wonders about last year's results, the following Revit page gave and explanation: "Well,… Read more »