Introduction to COBie

If you are just starting out with COBie and want a really detailed overview of what it is and how it works, check out this article:
practical BIM: to COBie or not to COBie


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Laszlo Nagy
9 years ago

Hello, You mentioned ArchiCAD in your image above.I wish to add that much was changed since last year. In this year's COBie Challenge ArchiCAD performed 100% with zero errors (you can see the result in the table towards the end of the following web page): the way, Revit also performed 100% with zero errors. I wish to also note that at the moment ArchiCAD is certified for both IFC Import and Export, while Revit is certified for IFC Export, but not for IFC Import: For anyone who wonders about last year's results, the following Revit page gave and explanation: "Well,… Read more »