Around 5 years back (where did that time go?), I posted about a free right-click Explorer extension that gives you some useful information on Revit files at a glance. CTC continues to update and provide that extension for free as part of its “BIM Project Suite”. All you need to do is:

  • install CTC BIM Project Suite
  • right-click on any Revit file to view its version and properties

This works for family RFA files and RTE files as well, and will give you an option to open in the actual file Revit version, or in any newer version you have installed.

Download: You can get the latest version of CTC BIM Project Suite on the App Store at this link.

The plugin ribbon will be installed in Revit versions 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Note: Seems like the “Open In” function will offer you any versions of Revit installed on your system, that are same as or newer than the file itself:

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4 years ago

An even easier solution exists: CCicon will replace the icons of revit files according to revit version, and open them in the correct revit version. It’s not an addin, it’s a separate application, you have to install it separately, it’s free. I’m not affiliated with the developer, so it’s not an ad.

More info:

CC Team
4 years ago
Reply to  infeeeee

Thanks for mention. We released CCicon app for free and it works also in file managers. If you have some ideas for improve, let us know, please.