Weird – ever had a GUID conflict for Revit add-ins installed via MSI?

Just installed CloudWorx (more on this later) and it had a GUID conflict with CADtoEarth – weird?  Wonder if the installer somehow couldn’t properly generate a unique identifier (see image).

In any case, Jeremy describes how to generate a new GUID over here, but I couldn’t find GUIDgen.exe easily on my XP 64-bit PC, so I downloaded GUIDgen from:

  1. Generated new GUID, copy to clipboard
  2. Open offending (ie. most recent) .addin file that caused Revit to show the error on startup
  3. Paste the newly generated GUID into the ClientID field
  4. Save the .addin manifest and restart Revit
This resolved the GUID conflict.
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10 years ago

Interesting, I thought it was supposed to be "impossible" for two add-ins to have gotten the same GUID (unless they copy/pasted the addin file and didn't change that). You can also generate Guids on free websites: