PAS1192-3 … covers the data transfer processes to inherit asset information from the project information model (PIM) or to create an asset information model (AIM) for an existing asset or portfolio of assets, to use it to support organizational requirements…

NOTE An organization may apply this PAS without necessarily needing to use BIM Level 2. However, an organization required to apply BIM Level 2 to the operational phase of an asset would need to apply this PAS.

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In relation to PAS1192:2, The Digital Thinkbox holds a detailed summary of the Practical Implications of Implementing Level 2 BIM​​ event.

Some interesting thoughts on the emerging Information Manager role:
Everyone understood that the Information Manager was a role rather than a person and that most, if not all, of the responsibilities defined were already undertaken by Designers and Contractors.

Some participants felt that there may need to be a reorganisation of existing roles and responsibilities to consolidate all of the information management responsibilities from a number of project team members down to one. Or could the role remain shared across a group of individuals with responsibility for elements of the role e.g. Design Manager, Document Controller, 4d Planning

It was unclear to the group how the role would be assigned; would the client specify their expectations or would it be down to one of the suppliers to ‘volunteer’. This was specifically unclear in situations where a Designer and Contractor were both under contract.

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