The coordinate scheduling tool, developed by Excitech for the Revit Platform will allow accurate and simple scheduling of X,Y and Z coordinates from Revit model elements. This is suitable for a whole range of applications but particularly the easy production of Piling schedules. 

It is part of the free Excitech Revit Toolkit.  It has also been around for a long time, as Revit add-ins go.  The other key function of this tookit is the Element Renumber tool.

Download by clicking on appropriate version link at the bottom of this page.  You will need to register / login.

Other info:

Revit @ Waterman: Schedule those Levels – A Method (with a little help from our friends)

You can’t make a schedule of Levels in Revit.  I won’t get into the argument of “should you be able to” or not.  The fact is, some people want to make a Level Schedule.  Here I provide one workaround that works for the current version of Revit.

  1. Download this example Revit project file
  2. Copy / paste an instance of the LEVEL SCHEDULERS family into your project
  3. Make a section view where you can see the family in profile, just like in the example RVT file:
  4. Copy / paste the LEVEL SCHEDULE into your project
  5. You need to place one instance of the family ON EACH LEVEL, and then lock the handle to the ZERO LEVEL (always).  If your level is BELOW ZERO, then use the Yes/No tickbox for that instance.
  6. Once all the families are placed and locked, you have a Level Schedule that will adjust when (if) your levels move.  Obviously, if a new level is placed, you will need to add a new instance of the LEVEL SCHEDULERS family.

Do you have another workaround that is perhaps easier or quicker or more BIM than this one?  Feel free to comment…