Remember the GetLevel add-in? I previously posted about it at What Level is that on? and Find Elements Associated with a Particular Level.

Well, the guy behind GetLevel, Steve Faust, has just released version 1.0 of a new add-in called Selection Master – and it is very cool.  I was esteemed enough to be part of the beta project, so I can speak from experience.  It’s the selection tool that you have been waiting for.

You basically get two main tools on the Ribbon – a Full Select button, which opens a well endowed selection dialog box, and a series of Quick Select tools.  To use these, you just pick an Element – Quick Select Level – and it will select all elements on the level that the selected object is associated with.  Cool, huh?

Selection Master supports 5 types of filters:

  • Level
    • Level filters recognize level parameter, work plane, reference level, and schedule level so all offset beams, etc. are included.
  • Family
  • Category
  • Phase Created
  • Phase Demolished

Selection Master - FiltersThe Selection Master full interface can be used to create filters based on any of these properties or combine as many filters as desired to refine the set. Find all first floor walls created in phase 2 or simply find every element related to the second floor level.

At just $25 for a seat, or $400 for an Enterprise license (both are Subscription based), don’t you think it’s worth a try?

It currently supports Revit 2011 and Revit 2012.

Selection Master – Home

A while ago I posted about the GetLevel addon by Steve Faust.  However, I haven’t posted about it since 2011 came out – so here we go…

Imagine you have just picked up a RVT project and it has 20 levels in it – and you have no idea which elements are associated to which particular level.  Its a bit of a nightmare, but there is a tool that can help – its called GetLevel.

First, download for 2011.  You can get it from AUGI at this post, or the Revit Forum at this post (you will have to register for one of these forums, and then login).
Direct Link AUGI
Direct Link Revit Forum

Once you have downloaded it:

  1. Unzip the file.
  2. Copy the two files to:
    o For Windows XP –
    C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataAutodeskRevitAddins2011
    o For Vista/Windows 7 –
  3. Restart Revit.

To test and use the addin:

  1. Open a project.
  2. Add-ins tab on the Ribbon…
  3. Click External Tools
  4. Click Get Level
  5. Select a Level on the left.
  6. Click List Elements on Selected Level >>
  7. Select an element that you want to find or modify on the right
  8. Click Select and Show

Thanks again Steve for this cool add-in!

Have you ever had to pick up someone else’s project and try to figure out how it all goes together? Or maybe you were trying to delete a level, and Revit just went ahead and deleted all associated elements without telling you?

I found a great tool on the AUGI Forums that actually reports all the elements on a particular level! You can download it at (you need to login to the forums obviously).

To help you install it, check out

I have installed and used it with 2010 and it seems to work fine. Thanks to sfaust!